Behind the Scenes

Here are some photos and ramblings of a personal nature, just for fun.

New Home of Hawthorn's Antique Audio
244 Folsom Road, Roseville, CA - come visit!
My custom license plate for my car
Yep, that's me - about 3 years old and
I have no idea what the record is
This is me again - 1966, 20 years old
It's always fun to meet new customers
Collector friend Scott Corbett is having fun too
I always enjoy Christmas
Tom in a corner of his museum
The office, where Tom is typing another auction list
Here's the shipping room, and I'm packing your parcel of records
This is Gail, who is an incredible help with the packing and shipping, as well as bid entry, auction typing, and just about everything else.
Restocking records in the store at the Antique Trove
New records for the wall displays
The warehouse - picking out some records for a future auction
Miles of aisles of records in the warehouse
Still more unsorted records in the warehouse
Left to right: Paul Collenette, Martin Fisher, Tom Hawthorn, Kurt Nauck, Bill Klinger, Anna Marie Manuel, Virginia Hawthorn, and Kurt Nauck Sr. - ARSC Conference, Palo Alto CA, 2008
Tom and fellow collector/dealer Scott Corbett ask
"How much is that doggie in the window?"
Scott Corbett, Mike Sherman, Tom Hawthorn, Mike Khanchalian, Charlie Hummel - 2010
Mike Khanchalian repairing the only known Columbia Multiplex cylnder

Charlie Hummel showing the one remaining Columbia Multiplex cylinder mechanism

Our booth at the 2010 CAPS Phonograph Show in Buena Park, CA
Kurt Nauck, Tom Hawthorn, Scott Corbett listen to a story told by Randy Morris - ARSC 2010

Where Do Your Records Come From?

We don't have a record tree growing in the backyard, so we have to go out and find the records we list on our auctions. Here are some pictures of collections we recently purchased so you can see what we have to go through to bring you the records you see on our auctions.

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