Professional Appraisals

PLEASE NOTE: We no longer offer our courtesy informal appraisals by phone of single records and small collections. It is difficult to arrive at a valid figure without seeing the records in person, and the time involved in obtaining accurate information for a verbal appraisal has made the service too time consuming. As of January 1, 2010, we are accepting only appraisal work on large collections at our regular fee structure. If you have questions about the value of single records or small collections, please turn to the FAQ page on this site and go to the section entitled "What Are My Records Worth?"

We have been collectors and dealers in historical phonograph records, sheet music and antique phonographs since 1988. Our experience also covers many related items such as player pianos, music boxes, books, catalogs, literature and accessories. We have the following qualifications for providing accurate appraisals:

  1. Correspondence with worldwide collectors and dealers, and subscriptions to auction and sales catalogs to keep abreast of current market conditions.
  2. Current subscriptions to many hobby and professional journals dealing with new research and discoveries in our areas of interest.
  3. Membership in several international societies, including the Association of Recorded Sound Collections, Automatic Musical Instrument Collectors Association, City of London Phonograph and Gramophone Society, Michigan Antique Phonograph Society, California Antique Phonograph Society, and others.
  4. A large personal research library consisting of books, pamphlets, catalogs, back issues of periodicals, and other resources.
  5. Past experience with many appraisals for income tax, estate settlement, and insurance purposes.

We are fully qualified to make prompt and accurate appraisals of large or small collections of all types. Appraisal costs are always based on the time involved, not a percentage of the appraised value. Please contact us for a price quote or if you require further information. References upon request.

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